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Sale or trade your rugs, carpets We Buy And Sell Fine Handmade Rugs, Kilims, Tapestry And Arts.

In Rugs Cleaning CA we buying rugs form others, we have so many variety since  the most trusted Persian and Oriental Rugs company in Oxnard, our customers frequently turn to us for trade, Sale,  and appraisal.
Rugs Cleaning CA is happy to offer free, expert verbal appraisals of your Rugs – Kilims – Tapestry – Arts – Antiques. If we feel we can sell your rug and it fits in our product offering, we follow these simple steps

We can let you know more about the quality and value of your Rugs – Kilims – Tapestry – Arts – Antiques. As well if your items & style has interesting quality & information.  We may even be able to buy your Rugs, Trade your Rugs for another one, offer you a credit against another rug.

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