Rugs Consignment Program

If you are wondering how to sell a carpet or rug etc Come and see us first. We’ll tell you what your rug is and how much you can generally get for it. We primarily accept traditional rugs and in good condition as a consignment store in Los Angeles.

On occasion, we do buy certain special pieces outright. What is Our Consignment Program? Our consignment program means that we will sell your rugs on your behalf in our showroom. Upon the sale of the rug, we simply retain a portion of the sale.

How It Works?

If we feel we can sell your rug and it fits in our product offering, we follow these simple steps:

  1. We work together on the retail price for the rug (the sticker price).
  2. Once agreed, we sign a contract for your record of the agreement.
  3. We clean the rugs in preparation for our showroom (charged to the seller)
  4. We put the rug in our showroom and list it at the agreed upon sticker price.
  5. We are permitted to sell the rug up to 30% below the sticker price should any discounts be issued.
  6. If the buyer is negotiating a price lower than the 30% below sticker, we contact the buyer for permission.
  7. Once the item is sold, we give you 60% of the sale price and Rugs Cleaning CA get 40%.

How Do I Get Started?

When your rug is in for cleaning or repair, simply mention to any of the staff that you’re interested in selling the item. Otherwise, feel free to an inquiry by email and include photos of your rug.

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